4 Steps to a Consistent Golf Swing

Feb 6, 2014

When it comes to honing your golf skills, consistency is key. This, of course, includes your swing! Consistency in your golf game leads to confidence, which can be a very powerful and competitive tool on the greens. The four ways you can have a consistent golf swing are as follows.

Posture and stance. A simple and effective posture is based around a straight back and spine. Put simply, a golf swing is your arms and shoulders simply rotating around your spine. That’s it, as long as your spine angle doesn’t change throughout your swing, you will return to impact in position.

Backswing path. Your backswing path can travel on three different paths: in to out, out to in, and the ideal in to in. Both the in to out and out to in paths tend to produce either pushes or pulls… whereas the ideal in to in produces straight shots. A consistent path will produce consistent and predictable results.

Balance. A properly balanced swing involves more than you may think… you have to consider your balance at address, throughout the swing and on the finish. Stance wise, your feet should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart (slightly longer for long irons and woods), your weight should be balanced evenly between your feet at address and also evenly within your feet (heel to toe).

Your speed/tempo. The ball is staying put, it’s just waiting there to be hit, so don’t rush it, hit it when you’re ready. Tempo is one of the hardest things to teach a player, but it’s crucial to developing a repetitive and consistent swing.

If you need someone to show you one-on-one how to implement these elements into your golf game, come by and visit one of the South Florida golf schools at Deer Creek Golf & Country Club. A consistent golf swing is the foundation to a great game of golf, so it is certainly worth dedicating some time to.