Planning the Perfect Golf Course Wedding

A golf course and country club such as Deer Creek is the perfect location for a chic wedding. Well manicured and picturesque greens, rolling landscapes, and a bevy of amenities can make a golf course perfect for your wedding and reception. Here are some things to keep in mind while planning your golf course wedding.

Start with the big ideas and narrow things down as you go. Pick your venue, date, and guest list, and let the other details come afterwards. Golf courses often offer catering options, a reception hall/clubhouse, and smaller things like tablecloths and flowers. Try and get as much bundled as you can so that the expert coordinators can plan your event while you focus on the big day, not the planning.

Have a clear budget. With most event venues, golf courses included, a clear budget will help you determine if it is a good fit. Some courses have a minimum food & beverage fee which will need to be considered. Also, have a ballpark figure for the guest list so you know how the packages break down per person.


Try and bundle accommodations. Sometimes, golf courses can work out deals with nearby hotels to get a discounted rate for your wedding guests. Be sure to ask if the course you are talking to can offer this!

Ask around! Most likely, you know a few people who have already gotten married. Did someone love a specific photographer? DJ? Bakery? Ask friends on social media and ask people whose weddings you have attended and loved.

Consider your guests. If you are having a golf course wedding, you likely know a few golfers in your combined group of friends and family! Why not incorporate a golf day for your guests? This is a great way to get your separate families to spend some time together.

Consider the weather. In South Florida, a golf course wedding is a good idea in the fall to spring months. In the summer, you will probably find an outdoor wedding to be a bit hot. Summer is also a difficult time to pin down the schedules of others who might use that time for traveling, moving, summer camp and other family activities.

If you need further advice or have specific questions, give us a call and talk to our South Florida golf course wedding coordinator.